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Friday, March 12, 2010

March Classes

Hey there, I know it's last minute, but here is the information for the March classes

To sign up, just send me an email,, or give me a call.

Make up Class Day, Sunday, March 14th,

Since this has been such a crazy winter and there have been so many cancellations and people having trouble with the snow, I am offering everyone an extra chance to make up all the missed lessons. This is for anyone who has missed all or part of a class this winter term.

So, if you can stop by my studio, this Sunday March 14Th, from 12:30-3, you're welcome to bring anything you have unfinished, or something you just need a hand with. I am only asking for a $5 donation for the class.

Wire Crochet: Saturday, March 20Th, noon to 2:30pm $25

For this class, bring any 28 or 30 gauge wire and your choice of beads, and a crochet hook. The look and style of work will vary greatly from your bead choices, but anything will will teach you the technique. I personally love pearls, and smaller side drilled beads for these. If you want to get a head start on your project, pre-string your beads onto your wire.

Wire Wrapped Cab Ring: Sunday, March 21st , noon to 3pm $30

For this one, you need a cabochon. I use a, 18X25 oval, but you can use many sizes and similar shaped stones. Also, 22 Gauge square wire, and 20G half round wire is needed to make this piece. I have some stones, and wire, but you can get a lot of stuff at local shops and online.


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